WhEn We WeRe YoUng -The Gig-

Todakcrew Records proudly presents!
When We Were Young...The Gig'


-An approximately 3 hours of non stop energatic music from 3 great bands of different era. Presenting:

1) John's Mistress
2) Robot Asmara
3) Siren

It's a tribute to the 70's, 80's & 90's music scene where Disco, Funk, Rock, Alternatives & etc rules the music industry. If you guys have already forgotten how is it like to be in the past, you guys should come to the gig where we never forget the day 'When We Were Young'.

- Date: 22nd Nov 2008 (Saturday)
- Time: Start at 8.30pm till 11.30pm!
- Location: Cafe VR1,Prudential Building, Damansara Intan
- Admission: FREE!

Yes...we are more then happy to help you guys. Do send your e-mail to:
todakcrew@yahoo.com (ARUL)
(JoM aRR SeSape.. pg nih.. Masok FrEE Tu Weii... HeHe)

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farisha said...

jom2 jom pegi reramai jom

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