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good day.. just feelin want to write something here.. but dunno what actually i want to write.. blank inside and out.. being abandon this blog for a long time.. my limited time have drag me to write sumthin or update this blog.. yeay yeay i know my english is awful.. just write what ever thought that come into my mind n i dont really want to hit the backspace key.. so jst embrace yourself with the crappy and lousy english you ever read anywhere..haha..

just start working at vads for 3 weeks now.. everything pretty good even though i have to work alone and being separated with my friends but i have to hang out as long as i can.. try to find other jobs but it seems so hard to look for one..my shift start at 7am.. goshh can u imagine when most of you still in lalaland, i have to move my ass to wake up as early as 5am.. and i only can sleep at 12 midnite and above.. try to sleep at 10pm but turn out i cannot sleep at all and have to surf the net.. i have to.. not that i want to.. hahaha.. so, sleeping for approx. 5 hrs made my mind got all the negativity.. try to cheer things up by texting with my frens.. and its really cheer me up.. and i can hang on with this job for a little longer.. but what happen if there no more texting from them? can i hang on? i also dunnoooo.. my lunch break is 1030-1130.. and i always have lunch by myself.. how pathetic is that? not saying that i anti-social, but my lunch break is always different with others.. okay2 enough with the complaining.. just glad to have a job while there are still million out there try to find a job.. THANKS ALLAH..

and now i just dont know what to write.. till next time.. have a happy day people..

p/s: anybody here english teacher?..
how many error with my entry above?

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shafinas rinoa said...

ermm let see... *start counting* :P
alaa kamal...if u are bored you can always text me~ :)
just enjoy your job k..kalo free..marila kita jumpa..

Pwincess Farina said...

hehe owh inilah blog entry yg you soh i bace tu...heheee ok je babe..tapi sedih laa..awak kan anak tunggul...biase dah kan sowang2 ni...hang in there~

MOHD RADZI said...

aku pn sorg2 gk mal...huhu..

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