~Not Saying Goodbye to 2009, But Welcoming 2010~

i bet every entry in every single blog rite now is all bout new year greeting.. perfect situation also in the same mood. new year mood, 2010 mood, holiday mood.. although my coming 2010 will not be as fun as past years, but lets make crazyyyy thing this new year..


one thing for certain that make my 2009 is full of greatness is my participating in GEMS programme.. well i guess many of you already know what this programe really are.. or at least have heard of it somewhere.. so im not in the mood to telling what the program is all about..

GEMS really teach me something in life..
"the world out there is really unfair, is really cruel"

friends in GEMS is a friends that i really dont have.. all of us have a same mindset.. so its not that hard to get bonding with each and everyone.. one thing we share in common. "unemployed". but as the time goes by.. one by one of GEMS friends got their own way in life.. some find new job.. others still hanging by the moment.. congratulate to all of them.. im so happy for them but to be honest im scared of losing them.. thats how paranoid i am.. my friends are everything to me.. i keep on feeling that im losing my friends.. my school friends.. my uni friends.. *sigh*

enough bout that.. just enjoy the pic below.. my happy memories in GVR 01..

Group 8 bru pas belakon.. snow white n hang tuah.. hehe

group 8 goes movie.. citer wolverine time nih..hee

last day wit Miss Mathy.. ade mereka2 nangis dibelakang tuu.. hehe

baru pas jungle trekking..

finale dinner.. tema nye international night.. hebat kn aku..

kat karnival.. kami jual ice blended.. pasti tertangkup..haha

berakit kehulu, haha..

lpas oscar nite.. tema traditional..hee

mini gath.. @ flaming steamboat..hee

karaoke session yg dahsyat.. ramai tol yg nyanyi.. hehe..

what a memories.. thank you for that..


what do i expect in a year to come?

1. happiness - i want to be happy.. my life have been a mess up these past 2 3 months.. not many knows the story n i dont like to share it.. for those who being with me through my chaotic time.. i thank so much (u know who u are).. may this years bring joy to me.. i hope so.. huuu

2. a stable career - hope my "unemployed" days will end soon..

3. a good health - thank God for a good health that u give me until now.. hope to lose some more weight..

4. love - *undefined*

5. more n more good stuff..

2010-YEAR OF GOODNESS (hope so)

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Eyriqazz said...

Good Luck with 2010...Usaha tangga kejayaan..

Great Teacher Onizuka

shafinas rinoa said...

may 2010 give us more sweet memories than bitter memories...i guess i can say that my 2009 is kinda sucks!hahahaha
your life had been a mess?and i don't know about it?that is so mean!!huhu *kidding*
just wanted to know that i'm always here for you..if you need someone to talk to..just sms me la..huhu
happy new year kamal..semoga Allah sentiasa merahmatimu~ ;)

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