~If I Could Turn Back Time~

theres a lot thing that i regret in my life.. my life was once full of colourful.. full of friends.. full of excitement and fun.. is now completely upside down.. feels like im losing my frens.. 3 yrs surely change everything..wishing i could back to the time when that wall is not yet develop.. when the time its just only me.. just me.. i miss the old time.. so much..

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hazwah amin said...

Encik Kamal!!! awk di mana skang ni?? meh2 lepak bangi meh..:)

inisuha said...

let's bygone by bygone & appreciated what we have now,memang la tak sama dgn dulu.Sebab itu tandanya kita bersyukur dengan apa yg ada.ok :)

*capsul tazkirah dibulan ramadhan :)

azah ismail said...

if i could turn back time..
i will turn it to the time before i kenal u..

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